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KHK GmbH was presented as a medium-sized company working with the ecocockpit tool as part of the German Sustainability Award by the NRW Efficiency Agency.
Ecocockpit is a program with which the CO2 emissions of manufacturing companies can be calculated and evaluated with the aim of reducing them in the long term.
In 2017, KHK GmbH began to determine the data basis within the framework of coarse and

material flow analyses in accordance with VDI 4075. Taking into account the PIUS measures (PIUS = production-integrated environmental protection), potential savings should be identified here. In combination with the preparation of a detailed CO2 balance, a tool was created in 2018 which enables the presentation of a CO2 balance of concrete orders. The basis for the determination is the Acquisition of location and process-related CO2 data.

As part of the CO2 balance - based on scientifically proven figures - CO2 emissions were determined for sub-areas ranging from the purchase of raw materials to production and packaging of the finished product. A special focus here was placed on the raw materials that are used in the production of the Most of them are of natural origin and are cultivated on different continents. Transport routes were critically analysed and potential savings were identified.

Based on available data, a total CO2 emission of our primary packaging could also be determined. Each individual component in the plastic packaging was considered separately, and the respective manufacturing processes are taken into account. In addition to recording CO2 emissions from material flows (product balance), site-related emissions such as employee travel or waste disposal were also taken into account.

The long-term strategic goal is completely CO2-neutral production.
The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


ISO 9001:2015 Certification