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After the preparation of the CO2 balance in connection with the NRW efficiency agency in 2018, sustainability continues to be a firm pillar of our corporate strategy. The CO2 Conference took place in September 2019, at which KHK GmbH, as a Best Practice company, held a part oft he workshop entitled "Insider Knowledge: More successful on the market with the help of the CO2 balance".

Dr. Sivanathan, who is responsible for Research & Development and regularly deals with the origin of the raw material and the constitution of the packaging, explained the motivation for the balance, mentioned findings and surprises from the analysis, but also explained measures and the resulting further projects.

The questions asked during the workshop and the previous panel discussion showed that each party faces similar challenges. The topic of sustainable management in all its aspects is a continuous process and requires a willingness within the organisation to think outside the box and to change its thinking in order to make progress.

The fact that long-term economic success and a development with consideration of ecological aspects do not have to exclude each other is confirmed by examples from most different industries.

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