We start the process with your idea, with what you would like.

As we turn your idea into reality, you can rely on our expertise every step of the way during the production process. Everything takes place in Germany, ensuring that your idea becomes reality with the quality you want.

Our graphic design department develops an initial visualisation of the design of your lip care product and can also produce a 3D-model as a prototype. That way you can be sure your idea works.


You pick the materials used in the quality and colour you want.

You can choose from our premium line of high-quality containers made from metal or metallised plastic. Or select the colours for the cap and base, the surface finish and shape from the many different plastic options.

We manufacture in 16 different standard colours with polished or frosted surface finishes and numerous three-dimensional tops.

But we can also manufacture any individual colour and shape of top and improve it to match your requirements. This is what we specialise in doing.


Your colour, your design – your own idea.

We produce high-quality and complex designs. We advise you on which printing process is right for your design: pad printing, all-round screen printing or label, whether to use the new hot stamping process or engraving. And of course we also offer graphic design support with layouts.

Our technology allows your imagination to be given free rein. 


F&D / Laboratory

We are constantly refining and improving our formulae and setting higher goals for ourselves. Our chemist creates custom formulae based on our customers' requirements within our company laboratory. 

Primarily, we use renewable raw materials for our formulae and even offer a NATRUE-certified formula.

The high quality of our formulae is attested by well-known, respected institutes.

Bulk production

All bulk production processes follow fixed procedures that are continually enhanced and checked. Formulae developed in-house or provided by customers are produced in variable batch sizes. 

State-of-the-art facilities ensure consistent quality and sufficient production capacities.

Hygiene, inprocess checks and complete documentation are a given for us.



Is tried and tested quality important to you? Do you want sun protection or natural cosmetics because that fits in with your idea?

Just as the colours can be individual, so can the lip care compounds produced by our company. Only our own tested high-quality formulae are used. You want to know what you’re sending out.

If this is another area where you would like to be a bit different, we could also develop your own individual compound. We are your lip care experts.



Your customised lip balm stick deserves its own individual packaging.

We can offer printed cardboard or blister packaging for lip balm sticks and tins to meet your requirements. Or we produce your specific concept of how the packaging should look so that a complete product comes out of your idea.


We deliver to over 30 countries and, of course, deal with all customs formalities on your behalf. To ensure that you or your customers receive the goods in the right condition, we only work with tried-and-tested, reliable partners. This makes unpacking a real pleasure!

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